1. Hank West & Sandwich


  2. "There’s a serpent in every Eden."
    — Erik Danielsson of Watain (via trekkiemetalhead)

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  3. "لا شئ يطفئ أنوار الكون في عين الرجل كرحيل امرأه كان يعتبرها أرضه وسماؤه وكونه"

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  4. I am posting all of these pictures of Elvis to use as reference for future haircuts. Sorry to all of you Elvis-haters out there, if there are any.

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  5. Elvis Aaron Presley at the New Frontier Hotel, April 1956. I’ll have this haircut in a few months. Six months after that, so will everyone else.

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  6. This is why I’ve set my car, phone, and computers to Celsius. 

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  7. kailakeys:

    Why don’t guys dress like this anymore? I mean really.. That’s fantastic.

    Some of us do.

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  8. "If I don’t get to practice, work on my embouchure and scales, then I can’t play correctly, and if I can’t play correctly, I can’t work out my ideas, and if I can’t work out my ideas, then I go crazy."
    — Sonny Rollins, from an interview with Men’s Journal
  9. I made an art. It is for sale.

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  10. My Thoughts on Lexington Avenue

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